Portugal integrates the Eurozone so, if you come from a member country, you won't get any trouble with the currency. If not, you can convert your currency to euros in any airport or bank branch.

As a student, it might be easier for you to open an account since you can do it for free and be able to top up your phone, pay the bills and withdraw cash from any ATM box without paying any extra fee charged by your country's bank.


In order to provide you with the best conditions open a bank account in Portugal, ESN Portugal partners up Novo Banco giving you easy access to  open a bank account.

NBup account 

The NBup account has been especially designed for students like you. With NBup, you guide your own account.  To start with, there are no expenditures. Make use of our interest-free debit card. Get instant access to your account through our online banking system top-up your mobile phone, transfer money and make payments.  Anytime and anywhere, feel NBnet and NBdireto close to you


To open a new account, you will need to provide us with an opening investment of �25 and:

  • ID or Passport
  • Original documentary proof of your address
  • Original documentary proof of your Portuguese address (University letter of acceptance, utility bills and current home rent/insurance certificate)
  • Student identification/matriculation card
  • Portuguese Fiscal Number card (preferred)


NOVO BANCO has a free service that provides provisional Portuguese Fiscal Number.


NOVO BANCO is a Portuguese Bank with more than 700 benches localized all over Portugal ready to help you with your needs. 

Now that you know all the advantages, come and talk to us NBdireto 707 24 7 365 or learn more at novobanco.pt


If you need help tp open a banck account, please contact your local ESN Section.